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Free From Fellows Midget Gems (Sweets Without)


Peter over at sweetswithout.co.uk once again came through with the goodies when he very kindly sent me these, Free From Fellows Midget Gems.

Free From Fellows don’t just make super delicious mouth wateringly unique tasty sweets! Drumroll please… we actually make them lovingly without any sugar, gelatine or gluten to bring you the best of the rest! 

Sugar free, gelatine free, gluten free, with no artificial colours or flavours, midget gem flavoured gummy sweets with sweetener.

They look more like traditional Blackberry & Raspberry Jelly sweets than Midget Gems but I like both, so I’m not complaining!


I expected them to smell like one of the above, but was met with the unexpected scent of liquorice despite no mention of anything remotely aniseed-y in the ingredients.

The flavour was good; sweet, fruity and juicy with not a hint of artificial sweetener to be found. Speaking of which, the one used is Maltitol, so you might not want to get too carried away eating these – though they taste so “normal” it’d be easily done!

The only difference I found was the texture. A standard Midget Gem is described as a “chewy firm sweet, similar to a Wine Gum but much harder” so that was expected. What I didn’t expect was the extreme stickiness I found. Even compared to the Blackberry & Raspberry sweets that they’re mini mirror images of, the texture is different. Those have more of a gummy longlasting chew, whereas these are much stickier. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but I did have to brush and floss straight after.

So the flavours perfect but the texture’s a little off. I think if you’re avoiding gelatine for whatever reason, the overall package is good enough to compromise ever so slightly on the chew.

Good stuff, thanks Peter!


Don’t forget to check out Sweets Without for a huge range of sugar free chocolates and sweets!


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