8/10 · Chocolate

Twix Bites

A short but sweet review for today, it’s hot, it’s friday and they’re not really new! Twix Bites! The brother of Mars Bites, Snickers Bites and I hoped would be the cooler, better cousin to the unrecognisable Cadbury Dinky Deckers. There were a fair few tiny Twix bites and the bag contained a much more noticeably biscuity scent…… Continue reading Twix Bites

8/10 · Sweets

Sulá Sugar Free Sweets (Sweets Without)

The lovely Peter over at Sweets Without sent a parcel containing three boxes of sugar free sweets from Sulá for me to try. All three are boiled sweets, are sweetened using sweeteners and made using natural flavours. Rhubarb And Custard  Rhubarb And Custard won the battle of which flavour first (remember, they’re sugar free so…… Continue reading Sulá Sugar Free Sweets (Sweets Without)