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Cadbury Biscuit Assortment

It’s the 8th of October and I have my first Christmas related review! The worst part about it is all the Christmas sweets and chocolates have been in the shops for a good month now as well.
Normally I wait until it’s actually Christmas to start on the big boxes of chocolates and biscuits as I think the prices in relation to number of pieces is a complete rip off and I’ll wait for someone else to buy them. This box however is a good portion size for one person with one of each biscuit rather than three or four and was a bit of a bargain (for Cadbury Christmas biccies) in Poundland.
I did read online that Cadbury have released some new biscuits into their assortment boxes, I’m unsure if any of these are new as by the time I get my turn with the biscuit barrel at Christmas, the plain ones are the only ones left!!
An assortment of biscuits covered in Cadbury milk chocolate and dark chocolate. 
Before I get any further into the post, let me just say the only dark chocolate in the box are the thin squiggles across three of the biscuits – I think – I didn’t taste any dark chocolate so there won’t be any mention. As is usual for a box of biscuits, they were in a plastic tray sealed inside a plastic bag and ripping it open revealed the deceptive Cadbury smell. It smells like the good stuff, but wether it still tastes like it is debatable!
The assortment includes one of each biscuit, except for the Crunchy Ring, bottom left and top centre. The chocolate coating is nice and thick and tastes like Cadbury (not Dairy Milk). These are actually made by Burtons Biscuits rather than Cadbury and I think it shows as the actual biscuits are good quality rather than just an afterthought to the chocolate. The Crunchy Ring has a shortcake/shortbread like biscuit inside, it has a lovely, very buttery flavour but is crunchier and crisper than an ordinary shortcake or bread. It’s a round, crunchier version of one of my favourite old school Cadbury bars, the Cadbury Snack.
The biscuit inside probably stood out the least in the Lemon Crisp, bottom centre. It had a nice enough taste and texture but the thick, stronger flavoured chocolate was what I noticed most. The lemon is nice and quite sweet but I found it a little weird. It was like the opposite of a mint chocolate if that makes sense and I wasn’t that keen on it paired with the milk. Like a lot of mint chocolates it would probably have suited a dark chocolate better.
The chocolate that I was kind of dissapointed in was the Chocolate Pillow, top right. I thought pillow = soft, maybe creamy but it was just a plain milk chocolate coating a biscuit. The chocolate seemed slightly thicker, and the biscuit was softer than the two previously but it didn’t have much flavour to it. Certainly not the lovely buttery flavour like in the first. A little boring really.
Milk Triangle, middle right, was one that surprised me. I expected what I got with the Chocolate Pillow, a plain boring biscuit and while it was plainer it wasn’t boring. The biscuit used here was my favourite amongst them all, it had the lovely buttery flavour of the Crunchy Ring but was nice and soft (without feeling stale) too. It’s very sweet, especially with the sweet Cadbury chocolate on top but as there was only one it was no problem. Very nice.
The Raspberry Oat Crunch, top left, was intriguing. The biscuit was very, very crunchy and crisp and at first all I could taste were the oats. The raspberry flavour was soon noticable though and was good, concentrated raspberry pieces made from purée are used so it has quite a strong, realer (than some chocolate bars) flavour too. This biscuit was a bit like a harder, crisper Flapjack.
I didn’t know (and still don’t) what the Hazelnut Flavour Crispette, bottom right, was. What is a Crispette? It wasn’t that much crisper than the Lemon Crisp or Raspberry Oat Crunch, whatever it was. It had a slight hazelnut flavour but it was pretty overwhelmed by the Cadbury milk chocolate.
I left the Simply Shortcake, centre, for last as I thought it would be most like a Cadbury Snack bar. It fell short though, it had a soft shortcake biscuit which wasn’t as buttery as the first but still did have a little flavour. It was tasty but another slightly boring biscuit.
This assortment box was OK, as I’ve always been recently I was slightly dissapointed with the Cadbury chocolate. I know it’s the typical Christmas chocolate they use and not Dairy Milk but it was very sweet and had a waxy, sticky feel. The biscuits used are nice and the redeeming feature. I think if I came across these at Christmas and hadn’t tried them before I’d have been happy with just one – they aren’t a box you can’t help yourself from keep dipping into but they’re tasty enough.

3 thoughts on “Cadbury Biscuit Assortment

  1. Where are the Cadbury biscuits in a tin couldn’t find them last year or this year now. Don’t want just a tin want the biscuits in it. Oreo are awful

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