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Jude’s Chocolate With A Touch Of Sea Salt


Lots of us have fallen into the trap of thinking the more additions to an ice cream (cookie dough, brownies etc), the better it is. When, in actuality, I’ve found that to be the exception to the rule, and they’re used a lot more now to hide lower quality ice cream.

Jude’s are one of the companies who have realised you don’t need a ton of baked goods or popping candy if your ice cream is good enough, and that sometimes simple is best. I’m yet to have a bad flavour Jude’s so I wasn’t too worried about this one.

Dive into this decadent scoop. with pure Colombian cacao and a touch of English sea salt. 

Chocolate with sea salt & chocolate flakes ice cream


Simple doesn’t have to mean it can’t be fancy though!

As always, quality ingredients are used. The chocolate ice cream contains 4% Colombian cacao (with a minimum 99% cocoa solids!) and even the chocolate flakes, tiny as they are, contain a minumum 48% cocoa solids. Of course, it isn’t quite the same as a bar of chocolate with 99% cocoa, it is still a dairy based ice cream after all, and the end result is delicious.

It’s beautifully creamy but has a slightly different feel to the rest of the Jude’s range, it feels thicker somehow.

The flavour is gorgeous, all the flavour of a good chocolate ice cream but with an added richness and extra depth. It has the intensity of a dark chocolate but the sweet moreish-ness of a milk. It really reminded me of a luxury chocolate mousse – especially once it started melting!

It has a touch of sea salt added and it really notices. Jude’s have got the balance of sweet and salty just right, not so salty you’ll be reaching for a glass of water but enough to notice and appreciate how addictive that contrasting mix is.


They aren’t needed to be honest, but inside are tiny chocolate flakes. The small size worked well, as to begin with, they were sharp flecks of frozen chocolate, but they melted the second they reached my tongue providing another mini chocolate hit.

This had high expectations to meet but still impressed me. It survived an hour plus traffic jam in the footwell of my car with the heating on, with not a lick of freezer burn and managed to convince Mr.Anything-stronger-than-a-Milky-Bar-is-too-dark-for-me that sometimes posh sounding stuff can be just as tasty… (I saw you scraping the bottom of the tub!!)


Just as an aside, Jude’s have a customer for life with me purely for their customer service. Wonderful people and certain other companies could learn a lot from them.


4 thoughts on “Jude’s Chocolate With A Touch Of Sea Salt

  1. Lovely review! I actually prefer my ice cream to be plainer – You’ll find me heading for vanilla based ones with very little added 95% of the time. That other 5% of the time is spent wishing I could get my hands on the new Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie ice cream. On my next visit back to the UK I’m going to look for this brand – ethics, regionality and excellent customer service mean a lot to me as a consumer!

    1. Oh don’t get me wrong, when the ice cream is good too I’m all about the mix ins! I’ve just found recently even with BIG companies, they’ve been hiding very mediocre ice creams…
      Jude’s are a great company: great ingredients, great flavours, great customer service.. And they haven’t even paid me to say that 😜 (although Jude’s if you happen to read this I’ll take payment in ice cream, thanks)

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