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Japanese Snacks (Mochi/Chocolate?) Part 2

You can find Part 1 of the chocolate and mochi themed snacks from the Japanese Snack Box here, and all the other reviews from that box here. Just a quick foreword, I have no clue of any of the finer details of these products – Google Translate does not like Japanese characters in anything other…… Continue reading Japanese Snacks (Mochi/Chocolate?) Part 2

8/10 · Ice cream

Jude’s Chocolate With A Touch Of Sea Salt

Lots of us have fallen into the trap of thinking the more additions to an ice cream (cookie dough, brownies etc), the better it is. When, in actuality, I’ve found that to be the exception to the rule, and they’re used a lot more now to hide lower quality ice cream. Jude’s are one of…… Continue reading Jude’s Chocolate With A Touch Of Sea Salt


INSTA-REVIEW: Angel Delight Ready Pots

My inner lazy child was so excited to find ready made Angel Delight. Of course, I bought all three (Strawberry, Chocolate and Butterscotch) I’d have liked banana too but it’s taken since 1967 to get here so I’ll deal. They shouldn’t have bothered. They look like shit (literally) and don’t taste much better. Too sweet, too artificial…… Continue reading INSTA-REVIEW: Angel Delight Ready Pots