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Free From Fellows Midget Gems (Sweets Without)

Peter over at sweetswithout.co.uk once again came through with the goodies when he very kindly sent me these, Free From Fellows Midget Gems. Free From Fellows don’t just make super delicious mouth wateringly unique tasty sweets! Drumroll please… we actually make them lovingly without any sugar, gelatine or gluten to bring you the best of the rest!  Sugar…… Continue reading Free From Fellows Midget Gems (Sweets Without)

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INSTA-REVIEW: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Millions

I don’t even know why I bought these, they don’t sound very nice! They’re chocolate covered strawberry Millions. You know what Millions are, and if you don’t their own tag line is “The Tiny Tasty Chewy Sweets” AKA flavoured chewy balls of sugar.   Just in case there’s any confusion they’ve stuck a naked Million in…… Continue reading INSTA-REVIEW: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Millions

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Fruittella Less Sugar/Sugar Free Sweets

Fruittella have released four new lower sugar themed bags and I have three to review today – the fourth is just a bag solely of the strawberry flavour from Summer Fruits. Summer Fruits (30% less sugar) I presumed they’d be sweetener based but this isn’t the case for all. Infact this bag has no sweeteners…… Continue reading Fruittella Less Sugar/Sugar Free Sweets