INSTA-REVIEW: Angel Delight Ready Pots

My inner lazy child was so excited to find ready made Angel Delight. Of course, I bought all three (Strawberry, Chocolate and Butterscotch) I’d have liked banana too but it’s taken since 1967 to get here so I’ll deal. They shouldn’t have bothered. They look like shit (literally) and don’t taste much better. Too sweet, too artificial…… Continue reading INSTA-REVIEW: Angel Delight Ready Pots


INSTA-REVIEW: Posh Choc Nibbles

Yesterday I mini reviewed the Original Choc Nibbles and these are the posh version. Chocolate and Caramel dusted with Icing Sugar and coated with Milk Chocolate.  They’re a lot bigger with none of the tiny stragglers found in the normal bag. They’ve a shiny slick finish which isn’t indicative of waxy chocolate thankfully! The chocolate…… Continue reading INSTA-REVIEW: Posh Choc Nibbles


INSTA-REVIEW: Ashley’s Family Treats – Tasty Gingerbread Treats (Poundland)

Heads up: they aren’t gingerbread flavoured. I was disappointed at first too – that’s the whole reason I bought them! The not-gingerbread men are soft and squidgy but still have a decent chew. There’s loads squashed in the jar too. They’re actually cookies and cream flavoured, and a good one at that. It’s very sweet…… Continue reading INSTA-REVIEW: Ashley’s Family Treats – Tasty Gingerbread Treats (Poundland)

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INSTA-REVIEW: Choc Nibbles

I was buying myself a bag of the new Posh Choc Nibbles when I realised I hadn’t reviewed the original. So here’s a mini insta-review in anticipation of its fancier newer brother. They’re “Nobbly nibbles with real chocolate, caramel and dusted with icing sugar”. Now they’re not a luxury chocolate product but they are bloody…… Continue reading INSTA-REVIEW: Choc Nibbles