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Japanese Snacks (Mochi/Chocolate?) Part 2

You can find Part 1 of the chocolate and mochi themed snacks from the Japanese Snack Box here, and all the other reviews from that box here. Just a quick foreword, I have no clue of any of the finer details of these products – Google Translate does not like Japanese characters in anything other…… Continue reading Japanese Snacks (Mochi/Chocolate?) Part 2

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Monty Bojangles Taste Adventures

Monty Bojangles truffles aren’t new to me but for some reason I’ve never reviewed them up until now. My sister made us up a chocolate and wine hamper as part of my Christmas present and included a box of Monty Bojangles Taste Adventures, an assortment of cocoa dusted truffles including three of their popular flavours:…… Continue reading Monty Bojangles Taste Adventures

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INSTA-REVIEW: Choc Nibbles

I was buying myself a bag of the new Posh Choc Nibbles when I realised I hadn’t reviewed the original. So here’s a mini insta-review in anticipation of its fancier newer brother. They’re “Nobbly nibbles with real chocolate, caramel and dusted with icing sugar”. Now they’re not a luxury chocolate product but they are bloody…… Continue reading INSTA-REVIEW: Choc Nibbles

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Marmite Chocolate Truffle Challenge

Are you a Marmite lover or a Marmite hater? Take the Marmite chocolate truffle challenge! Each box contains twelve totally tempting chocolate and wafer bites – the only catch is that some contain Marmite and others do not. You will have to try to find out! (Love or hate it, the mix may vary) The…… Continue reading Marmite Chocolate Truffle Challenge