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Smarties Ice Cream


If you follow me on Instagram (and if not you should!) you’ll have seen I put a photo up of this very tub of ice cream. My exact words were “let’s be honest, it’s not gonna be great ice cream, but I bloody love Smarties!” For this reason, I didn’t go out of my way to find it, and unlike most new ice creams I’ve been in no great rush to try it.

I did still want it though, and as it’s only £3 in Tesco it ended up in my grubby mitts soon enough!

Chocolate And Vanilla Flavour Ice Cream With Mini Smarties 

It looks great. Not only is the clean join of the chocolate and vanilla ice creams very pleasing to my anxiety, the smarties really pop out. It looks fun, as silly as that sounds, and totally reminded me of the DIY ice cream sundaes we had as a kid after Pizza Hut parties!


The ice cream was better than I expected. It’s thick and creamy with a lovely melt and a surprisingly good quality feel.

The flavours weren’t quite as good. The chocolate side was fine, not as chocolatey as other other ice creams but let’s be honest, nobodies buying this for the chocolate ice cream. The vanilla, to be totally truthful, was quite bland and fell foul of the vanilla = plain trap.

However. The reason I (and probably everyone else) bought this, the Mini Smarties, are perfect.

This is one packed out ice cream! It’s a good job only Mini Smarties are used as I doubt you’d fit any ice cream in if you were to add anything else. Most of my scoops had 4 or 5 Mini Smarties in, but every single spoonful had at least one.

They’re crisp and crunchy and are the same, if not better, frozen than they are as standard. The familiar Nestle Smartie flavour is still there, thanks to the sheer number of Smarties it’s super strong and really pops out – even against the already chocolatey ice cream.

I really liked this! Nicely done Nestle.


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