INSTA-REVIEW: Posh Choc Nibbles

Yesterday I mini reviewed the Original Choc Nibbles and these are the posh version.

Chocolate and Caramel dusted with Icing Sugar and coated with Milk Chocolate. 

They’re a lot bigger with none of the tiny stragglers found in the normal bag. They’ve a shiny slick finish which isn’t indicative of waxy chocolate thankfully!


The chocolate coating is thick and makes for a slightly firmer bite, but otherwise texture is identical.

Flavour is good, I was impressed again with the chocolate as it has a proper chocolatey flavour rather than any old sugary crap they could’ve smothered it in. It’s very moreish but does overpower the actual nibble a bit.

They’re delish. Mega addictive but mega sweet – a blessing in disguise or I’d have demolished the bag!


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