7/10 · Ice cream

Yoo Moo Honey ‘n’ Granola


I am most definitely not on a diet but I must admit Yoo Moo is something that worms its way into my basket fairly often. Mainly for the fact it has no effect on my lactose intolerant helper over here, but I sometimes pick myself one up too.

I’ve been mourning the loss of the 750ml size tubs, the vanilla flavour isn’t anything special but it is a perfect base for a DIY sundae and the extra large tub meant more space to add all my mix ins!


Frozen yogurt with honey flavoured sauce and granola

I spied with my beady eyes, in Sainsburys, a new variant of the YooMoo. As it stands right now, in supermakets you can buy vanilla and strawberry flavours and ice lollies, but they used to sell all sorts; chocolate, cherry – even a “naked” flavour.

This new tub is Honey’n’Granola. Honey is a fairly standard FroYo/yoghurt flavour but granola is something we’ve yet to see in the U.K frozen dessert aisle. I quite like the idea of granola as a “healthy” alternative to the usual chocolate, syrups and cookie chunks. Well, that’s as long as it tastes good!


Let’s clear one thing up: this isn’t ice cream. Don’t expect thick and creamy luxury full fat extravagance, but, for a FroYo it’s good. It melts nicely and is soft and scoopable immediately.

The base yoghurt is plain, normally quite a healthy tasting, boring choice and not what you want in a dessert, but here the tanginess works well.


The granola was what I was most looking forward to, but it ended up playing second fiddle. It is a welcome change to cookies and chocolate chunks, and there are tons of differently sized chewy granola pieces with a cereal grainy flavour, but at times the lack of crunch made it feel a bit like a soft slightly stale biscuit. This wasn’t often though and is more me being a bit critical.


It is all about that honey flavoured sauce swirl though. It’s what elevates this from mediocre, lactose tolerable replacement, to a worthy buy in its own right. It’s sticky, rich and beautifully sweet in that way that only honey is, and its strong natural flavour (thanks to 25% real honey) is the perfect pairing for the tang of the yoghurt.

Honey, yoghurt and granola together make for a tasty yet healthy breakfast normally, but this has much more of an indulgent dessert feel. Although I’d very much like it for breakfast – what a way to start the day!

Rating: 7.5/10 


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