9/10 · Chocolate

Marmite Chocolate Truffle Challenge


Are you a Marmite lover or a Marmite hater? Take the Marmite chocolate truffle challenge! Each box contains twelve totally tempting chocolate and wafer bites – the only catch is that some contain Marmite and others do not. You will have to try to find out! (Love or hate it, the mix may vary)


The truffles look brilliant and there was nothing visibly separating the Marmite filled with the normal chocolate so I dove right in!

The truffles are fairly soft, the wafer isn’t as crisp as a KitKat for instance but a softer wafer like you’d find in a Pink Panther – the kind of wafer you can almost bend. The truffle centre wasn’t quite what I expected with a kind of solidified cream texture. It’s certainly softer than the actual chocolate but not the whipped airy mousse or more runny liquid centres found in some truffles.


The plain chocolate truffles are lovely, they have a delicious milky chocolate flavour that I was more than happy with, not a bad chocolate at all. They are more like a chocolate found in a nice box of chocolates than a chocolate truffle though thanks to the slightly more solid centre but the flavour was lovely regardless.

But the whole reason we’re here, the Marmite. Wow these are strong. They are nothing like any of the Marmite chocolates I’ve eaten before – there I would say they were 80% chocolate with a salty Marmite hit running throughout, whereas these taste about 95% Marmite. The chocolate bars and novelties taste like chocolate with Marmite mixed in but these taste what I’d imagine a spoonful of Marmite with chocolate sprinkled on top would taste like. Easily the strongest Marmite product I’ve ever eaten – apart from actual Marmite obviously!


These are a great novelty, I loved them and I know my Grandad would too but there were just a couple of problems I found. Firstly my box contained (I think, more in a minute) 3 Marmite filled chocolates. Great, but they were all in a row next to eachother which meant if I’d been nice and shared the box (I didn’t) chances are one of us would have got all 3 and the other none. It’s just one of those things I understand, but a pain in the arse if you’ve spent £5.50 on a box the same size as the smaller sharing sized Cadbury Dairy Milk.

The second (non) issue is that these are so strong that once I’d eaten two Marmite flavoured chocolates in a row (see issue above) I could no longer tell whether the next chocolates contained Marmite or if it was just the super strong aftertaste still in my mouth – they all tasted the same. I wasn’t moaning but it kind of defeats the challenge and the have they/haven’t they side of things.

I loved them but that was a given! Great idea, I’d love to try some on my “Hate It” friends but that’d mean I’d have to share!

Rating: 9/10 


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