INSTA-REVIEW: The Snack Organisation Presents… Freeze Dried Banana & Strawberry

I’ve already reviewed the rest of The Snack Organisation Presents…  freeze dried range after they very kindly sent them all to me. I liked them so much that I bought these ones myself!


They’re just as nice as the others. I was over the moon to find 70% bananas to 30% strawberry as it’s so often the other way round. All the pieces were large and crisp with a good crunch.

Both have strong vibrant flavours that taste fresh despite being freeze dried and totally natural. They really are delicious and I only wish the pack were bigger.

The Snack Org… recommends sprinkling on yogurt, ice cream or smoothies but why bother? They’re so good as they are!

(And they’re good for you, they’re one of your 5 a day and contain just 2 ingredients – banana and strawberry!)


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