INSTA-REVIEW: Simply Doughnuts 8 Mini Ring Bites (Tesco)


Total impulse buy in Tesco but I’ve seen them in One Stop too.

8 “mini” ring dougnuts that are actually bigger than expected once they’re not squashed in.


They’re covered in powdered sugar and smelt nice and sweet, not too dissimilar from the only doughnut I’ll willingly eat -the ones you get at the seaside – but just without that warm, fresh baked scent.

The good news is they have a lovely texture. They’re fresh, soft, squidgy, light and airy, and perfectly moist ( vom).

The bad news, is the flavour is not up to par.


The sugar is sweet but the doughnuts themselves are weirdly plain. They literally had no flavour at all. I had one with enough powdered sugar to taste like an authentic seaside doughnut, but the rest just tasted of batter.

They do have other flavours that are filled, such as apple and strawberry, and I can see these being much better. The actual quality of the doughnut impressed me enough that I’ve not quite written them off just yet.


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