Manomasa Limited Edition Cinnamon & Muscovado Sugar Tortilla Chips


These had been screaming to me from my Ocado shopping basket since way before Christmas but I never had enough to justify a full delivery. Until the new Ben & Jerry’s appeared that is! That was one of the best deliveries I’ve ever had – Ice cream and fancy new crisps!

Bear with me, there’s practically an encyclopedia on the packet clueing us in on what inspired these babies.

Recipe No.31 Crunchy sweet tortillas. Delicious cocoa nibs with a caramelised rich dark taste of muscovado sugar & maple. Lightly punctuated with cinnamon & clove spice & creamy buttermilk. 

Our all new limited edition sweet tortilla, born out of curiosity and love of creating the most exciting new flavours. The ALL NATURAL deliciousness is all in the detail. 

Shape: A perfectly round circle for the ultimate sweet snack. 

Texture: Made in the traditional way, the finest white corn masa is rolled out extra thin, rested then tumbled through sunflower oil for a crisp base before we really have some fun with the toppings. 

Taste: We take the very best cocoa nibs from Ghana and Ivory Coast for a rich smooth flavour. We then add the caramelised taste of muscavado sugar and maple, lovingly sprinkle in cinnamon and clove spice before adding a final touch of creamy buttermilk.

Tasting really is believing. 



Manomasa mention nothing of how they should smell (surprisingly), but they should – they smell incredible! I’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between these and the M&S Cinnamon Sugar Tortillas that I raved about before Christmas in a sniff test.

Word of advice: If you’re sharing a bag give the other person the top half. They aren’t tortilla crumbs lurking at the bottom of the bag but huge cocoa nibs. Heaven!

I’ll follow Manomasa’s lead..

Shape: Huge and not strictly circular but near enough, who cares anyway?

Texture: Perfectly crisp.

Taste: Lovely! Not quite as sweet and cinnamon-y as the M&S tortilla rolls but I imagine I’d be singing their praise had I not had those first. The sweetness is good, it doesn’t taste like sugar sugar but has a whole depth of flavour to itself. The cinnamon walks a fine line between subtle and showstoppper, I think the irregularity in tasting it in the Manomasa is what lost it points against the M&S.

The cocoa nibs were what intrigued me and they did not disappoint. As you’d expect, the chips with more nibs had a far stronger cocoa flavour but the richness runs throughout and it’s absolutely amazing with the sweet cinnamon.  The buttermilk was absent in flavour (thank God) but there was a strange, but good underlying creaminess.

They do have a fairly plain corn flavour lurking in the background but I found its savoury flavour just added to the addictive explosion already occurring in my mouth!

I’d possibly have liked a slightly stronger cinnamon but the cocoa nibs are a more than welcome consolation. Now to find a reason for another Ocado delivery before their limited run finishes!

Rating: 8/10 


3 thoughts on “Manomasa Limited Edition Cinnamon & Muscovado Sugar Tortilla Chips

  1. Oh wow, things that should be savoury but get released as something sweet always confuses my brain – but these sound amazing! I’m glad the flavour was worth typing out the masses of descriptive text Manomasa have used! πŸ˜€ Great review.

    1. Thank you! I know, it took me a while to type it all out but I figured if they’ve gone to the effort of printing an encyclopaedia on the packet the least I could do was copy it. Word for word. πŸ˜†

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