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INSTA-REVIEW: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Millions

I don’t even know why I bought these, they don’t sound very nice!

They’re chocolate covered strawberry Millions. You know what Millions are, and if you don’t their own tag line is “The Tiny Tasty Chewy Sweets” AKA flavoured chewy balls of sugar.


Just in case there’s any confusion they’ve stuck a naked Million in too!

They’re crunchy, I don’t remember the normal ones being  crunchy but these are and I didn’t really like it. They are ridiculously chewy after but that crunch threw me.

The strawberry is as artificially strong and overbearing as you’d expect, I barely tasted the chocolate at all. They taste like E numbers basically.

They’re alright, they filled a hole and tasted like the rational side of me thinks they should. I mean really, what did I expect?


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