8/10 · Sweets

Simpkins Juicees Chews


My friend Peter from Sweets Without sent me a new bag of sugar free sweets to try this month. Usually Peters parcels come with a heads up on the quality of the snack but this month Peter was unable to try these as he’s a vegetarian and these contain bovine gelatine – something worth noting as I know lot’s of vegetarians eat sugar free sweets as they’re usually vegetarian or vegan.

Today’s sugar free review comes from Simpkins and are Juicees fruit flavoured sugar free chews. They contain 1/3 less calories than sugar, zero net effective carbs and are made with sweeteners (Maltitol). Interestingly this is the first bag of sweets I’ve seen to go into a bit more detail with the warning stating “best eat less than 25g of polyols per day as excessive consumption may cause a laxative effect” This 75g bag contains 56.25g of polyols so maybe keep that in mind!

The sweets are individually wrapped but it didn’t stop me smelling them as soon as the bag was opened. They smell just like pink Fruittellas! My favourite!


They’re a bit weird to touch and chew. In the hand they seem to shatter – you can see one corner has snapped off – but to chew they’re a bit sturdier, they have a slightly tougher chew than a Fruittella or Starburst but nothing that I think I’d have particularly noticed if I weren’t reviewing them.

I thought there would be three flavours as they are described as sugar free strawberry, raspberry and cherry flavoured chewy sweets, but as far as I’m aware they’re all lumped in together.

This isn’t to say the flavour isn’t nice, it’s actually pretty delicious, but they had a general ‘red sweet’ flavour with the two berries being just slightly stronger at times. Neither the fruit or the sweetness is artificial tasting at all, the actual flavour is strong but natural tasting and I couldn’t tell the difference between the Maltitol sweetness and the proper sugar used in standard fruit chew sweets.

I really liked these and would definitely eat again, the fact they’re sugar free is just a bonus my dentist isn’t thanking me for!

Rating: 8/10 

Don’t forget to get all your sugar free treats from sweetswithout.co.uk  they have a great range and Peter has tried and tested most of the products himself (animal products aside)  and given them his stamp of approval. Thanks again Peter!


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