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Fulfil Vitamin & Protein Bar – Cookies & Cream


Fulfil Vitamin & Protein Bars are something I keep seeing in my local petrol station, annoyingly they never have a price and the man who works in there is way too over friendly for me to be in there any longer than absolute needs be. My husband found them for £1 each in One Stop recently and got me the Cookies & Cream flavour and Peanut & Caramel for himself.

The Cookies & Cream bar contains 195 kcal and 20g of protein, is low in sugar (3.7g per 55g bar) and has over 100% of your daily recommended intake of 9 vitamins.

It’s not the most attractive bar, there is a white biscuit style cream sandwiched between a chocolate coated bottom and a not too pretty sticky black Ryvita Crackerbread looking top.

It actually did smell pretty Oreoesque although there was a slight hint of that protein powder type smell too.


I didn’t expect it to be as chewy as it was as it had quite a crisp feel in my hands, but instead I was greeted with quite the jaw workout!

The flavour couldn’t have been better in my opinion, it tasted just like Romany/Gypsy Creams/Oreos. You know, cocoa flavoured rather than outright chocolate with a deliciously sweet smooth vanilla cream inside. The extra chocolate on the bottom didn’t really add much to the bar as the cocoa biscuit flavour is so strong – so strong in fact, that bar one bite I didn’t taste any protein flavour at all.

Without a doubt the best protein bar I’ve had. Not stodgy but very filling it just loses a point for my sore jaw afterwards!

Rating: In general 7/10. Protein Bar 9/10

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