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Ben & Jerry’s Topped Strawberry Swirled


I knew there was a new Ben & Jerry’s coming but I didn’t think it’d be quite so soon after One Sweet World, Empower Mint, Sofa So Good and Wholly Couch, and anyway, strawberries and cream seems more of a summer/spring flavour to me. I’m not complaining though!

I found it on Ocado this week while in quarantine and he bought it for me  as a thank you for being imprisoned with his lurgy.


Sweet Cream Ice Cream, Strawberry & Marshmallow Swirls, Shortbread, White Chocolatey Chunks & a Spoonable Topping. 

I wondered what “Topped” would be, I’m guessing it’s a new line like the Core Tubs and so I’m presuming we’ll be seeing a few more Topped flavours in the near future.

My questions were answered immediately. OK, so Topped has a literal topping of thick white chocolate – just like the Magnum ice cream tubs… Hmm, well that might explain why they’re out now, I wonder who copied who?


The white chocolate lid was a lot easier to get through than it was in the Magnums though, it strangely didn’t have the sharp hardness of a frozen chocolate and was soft straight away.

It isn’t just a layer of chocolate though, there are some random chocolate &s thrown in for good measure too – I don’t really understand that, I think they’re supposed to be inside the ice cream but all mine got lobbed on top, if you’ve tried this and had a different experience let me know in the comments!

The chocolate is nice and thick in parts and a little thinner in others, but it made for a nice contrast of smooth melting silky chocolate and pieces with a thinner crisp snap. Add to this the fact it tastes just like sweet delicious Milkybar and we’re off to a good start!


The ice cream is sweet cream flavour and from what I tasted of it, it was good. It has the same mouth feel all B&J’s have, nice and thick, and like you got your moneys worth, and the flavour is what it says on the tin – sweet and creamy. Unfortunately I didn’t get to taste much of it.

There are two swirls in this flavour, strawberry and marshmallow. We’ve seen the marshmallow swirl before in Baked Alaska and more recently in One Sweet World, and it’s still as good. It has a sweet marshmallow flavour but the ooey gooey sticky texture is where it wins its points. The ice cream has a beige creamy colour whereas the marshmallow swirl is white, your eyes aren’t deceiving you –


– that really is mostly swirl.

The strawberry swirl is dominant though. It’s thin but mighty, not only is there lots of it but it’s really strongly flavoured. It’s actually quite artificial tasting and reminded me of ice cream syrups and sauces you buy in the supermarkets. I really hope Ben & Jerry’s didn’t waste money on good ingredients for this swirl, it tastes a bit cheap and could be any old sauce truthfully. It’s a shame as strawberries and cream are a winning combination but it really overpowered the delicate flavour of the ice cream and cheapened the rest.

Lastly, the shortbread. Again we’ve seen the shortbread before, this time in the Greek Style Frozen Yogurt Strawberry Shortcake. I really like the shortbread they use, it’s crunchy, rich, buttery and has a completely different vibe to the cookies and Oreo style biscuits in other flavours. Happily there were lots of shortbread chunks in my tub to balance some of the sugary sweetness the strawberry swirl brings.


Overall, I think I prefer the flavour of the white chocolate in the Ben & Jerry’s Topped but Magnum have got the right idea encasing the lot in chocolate rather than just a lid.

I was waiting the whole way through for more chocolate that just never appeared. It is easier with the B&J to leave some up top to add in, but there comes a point where you’ve got to eat it to reach the rest of the ice cream. And, as in my opinion, the chocolate is the tastiest part, I didn’t enjoy the chocolate-less rest anywhere near as much.

Sorry Ben & Jerry’s but Magnum did it better and please tone down the strawberry swirl! Tasty but not up to usual standards.

Rating: 7/10 


10 thoughts on “Ben & Jerry’s Topped Strawberry Swirled

  1. It’s not a matter of who copied who – both brands are owned by Unilever. It’s really surprising how many food “reviewers” aren’t aware of who owns big name food brands, and therefore never bother to properly read the back of the packaging/never google said food brand.

    1. Hi Mark, I’m fully aware that Unilever own both although I doubt the same person heads both the Ben & Jerrys and Magnum branches. I’m not sure why you wrote “reviewers” like that – this is just a bit of fun for me, no need to take it so seriously hey! Thanks for your comment.

      1. Well you’ve just shown that you’re even more ignorant! If you had any knowledge of Unilever’s ice cream business, then you would know that it’s one general big team that work on all the different brands and so of course ideas are spread around. Even if the different brands were ran separately, there still would surely be communication between said brands!

        I understand that this is a bit of fun for you, but I have noticed that many people who review food such as yourself lack quite a lot of knowledge in terms of what brands are owned by who, and as you have just shown here, also lack knowledge with regards to how big companies like Unilever operate their different brands. I wouldn’t be so critical of you if it weren’t for the fact that your ignorance led you to suggest that either Ben and Jerry’s/Magnum copied the other. That is a negative thing to say about either brand, and the fact that it is fundamentally wrong means you have made a big mistake.

        So to summarise, I would just say that someone like yourself who likes food enough to consistently write reviews really should be more knowledgeable about brands and the big companies that own them.

    2. What a rude comment. I regularly enjoy the reviews of food products here, I don’t care for any information on brands or big companies, just what tastes good. If it bothers you that much then why not just stop reading? Keep up the good work One Treat 🙂

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