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The Gourmet Popcorn Co. Sugar Free Popcorn


Thanks to Jamie Oliver we all know that sugar is the devil. Cue everyone and their uncle rushing to remove all the nasty sugars from their products and pump them full of artificial sweeteners instead… I’m joking!

 Kind of.

The Gourmet Popcorn Co. have done just that. Popcorn is a pretty healthy treat until you smother it in butter or sugar or salt or toffee or marmite or chocolate – you get the picture. I found these bags in Morrisons and both are wholegrain, gluten free, wheat free and suitable for vegetarians. Happy days!

Sweet & Salty 


Sweet & Salty. The best of both worlds, especially for an indecisive bastard like me. So simple yet so easy to mess up – particularly when it comes to sweeteners.

The popcorn is popped in “High Oleic Sunflower Oil to give a delicate, crunchy and moreish flavour” and the sweetener used is Maltitol syrup.

I poured my bag out and my little helper, my husband, ate straight from his. You can see in mine I had barely any unpopped kernels – a big bug bear of mine – but the bottom of his bag had quite a few. This can be explained away by reading some of the blurb on the packet, The Gourmet Popcorn Co. tell us its “popped in the traditional way and is handmade in small batches” so it’s going to be luck I’m guessing.


They were right on with their description of delicate and crunchy popcorn but then isn’t that how popcorn is supposed to be?

The flavour too was good. Nice and sweet with no artificial flavour to it, truth be told I would never have known the difference in a dark cinema! The only real downside to sweetener being used is that as it is so much stronger than real sugar it drowned out any real saltiness. I could taste salted popcorn on a few don’t get me wrong, but it threw the ratio off whack and I’d say the overall bag was about 80/20 in favour of sweet. Then again it could be that handmade aspect coming back into play.

Very nice and I see no reason why I wouldn’t eat again.

Rating: 7/10

Toffee Crunch 


Just as virtuous is the Toffee Crunch flavour. It has a few more calories thanks to an extra 20g in the bag but it’s still air popped corn, handmade in small batches, gluten and sugar free and suitable for veggies.

This time The Gourmet Popcorn Co “use extra butter to create a delicious crunchy butterscotch coating over lightly toasted air popped corn”

The popcorn looked exactly as I expected and I had zero unpopped kernels – big bonus points! The scent wasn’t quite right though. It had a sweet toffee note but the only way I can describe it is.. healthy? It smelt like wholegrain popcorn if that makes sense – like comparing brown to white bread. I know what I mean!


This flavour does contain 5% butter as explained but it didn’t taste like any butterscotch I’ve eaten before. It’s a nice flavour, sweet but it is strangely not very rich. It’s lacking any real depth and as I was munching away it came to me what it tasted like: caramel or toffee flavoured ice cream syrup. It doesn’t taste like fake sugars have been used (just one in the form of Maltitol syrup so my tastebuds seem to be working!) and again it doesn’t have that artificial edge to it but it didn’t taste like real toffee or butterscotch.

At least they got the crunch part of Toffee Crunch right, I loved the firmer texture and although it seems like I’m slating it I did quite enjoy the flavour. Maybe not enough to purchase again over a normal toffee popcorn but if I were avoiding sugars I’d be happy to buy again!

Rating: 6/10



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