7/10 · Toffee

Walker’s Nonsuch Toffee Part 2

Banana Split Eclairs

Walker’s Nonsuch Banana Split Eclairs aren’t new at all, my lovely husband bought me a huge box filled with 2.2kg of all different sorts of toffees and they were lurking inside. You might have read my other Walker’s Nonsuch reviews – I go out of my way to buy them just so I can use my tiny hammer – but I’d not tried these and when I googled I couldn’t find a single full review!

DSCF3085 (2).JPG

The eclairs are lovely and soft with a sticky chew but not enough to rip any fillings out! The toffee is identical to the rest of Walker’s, nice and creamy pretty sweet and with a lovely underlying toffee flavour but mixed in is a delicious banana. At times it’s artificial and rather strong and at other points it’s more natural and mellow tasting but either way it blended beautifully with the toffee and slight chocolate flavours.

My one criticism would be that the chocolate isn’t strong enough against the other two flavours, so it has a creamy banana flavour mainly rather than a distinctive “banana split” but I really enjoyed them regardless.


Dark Chocolate Covered Toffee 

That huge toffee box held so many favourites, I usually prefer dark chocolate and so how Walkers had a dark chocolate covered toffee without me realising I don’t know!

I wasn’t very impressed to find a suspiciously milk looking chocolate coating the toffee and it didn’t smell very dark either..

DSCF3176 (2)

In fact, it didn’t taste dark at all! It had a lovely chocolate flavour but it was still very sweet – obviously from the toffee – and lacked the richness you’d expect in a dark chocolate.

Once I got over my disappointment that these weren’t 70% tasting I realised I was a bit of an idiot to think they would be anyway. All Walkers toffee is very sweet, it’s why I love it and it probably could be covered in 70% dark chocolate but with that sugar bomb centre it would never taste truly dark. Still, some of the chocolates did have a slightly darker flavour, not quite as rich as I’d like, but a more intense chocolate flavour as well as the sweet toffee inside. I particularly enjoyed these toffees as there was a clear difference between the two rather than one generally sugary chocolate taste.


Milk Chocolate Covered Toffee 

Hot on the heels of the Dark Chocolate Toffee was the milk, and I thought I knew what to expect.

At the time I didn’t think it looked very different to my mental image of the dark covered, but as you can see, it looks a lot more like a toffee covered in chocolate that you might find in a box of chocolates as opposed to the more “real” toffee looking beforehand.

 DSCF3207 (2)

They had a fairly generic milk chocolate scent, and despite appearances there was quite a thin layer of the good stuff coating a standard Walker’s toffee.

I was surprised with the chocolate. I fully expected a ridiculous sugar bomb but truthfully it was rather nice! Of course there is a sugary sweetness from the toffee but actually the chocolate has a lovely milky flavour. It’s not going to win any awards and I’m not going to hunt it down to replace my go-to milk chocolate, but it does the job and is a lot better than I expected.

I assumed the flavours would crash into one massive sugary hit but I could quite clearly differentiate between the two – that’s not to say they compliment each other they definitely did that,- but I could appreciate the two separately as well as together.

Rating:  7/10

Sevens all round! It’s the one I thought I’d like the least but ended up enjoying the most.


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