9/10 · Chocolate

Hotel Chocolat Mini Dipping Adventure


I must have been really good last year as I was spoilt rotten this Christmas! I say I, but this was a gift for me and my husband to share (begrudgingly on my part!) from my mum and dad, chosen by dad as he went to great lengths to point out!

It is something I’d been eyeing up for a while but isn’t really one of those things you buy yourself, especially when I could go for a curry for the same price!


For cosy nights in and showstopping evenings with friends. There’s something irresistable about melted chocolate. Dial up the decadence, heat slowly and enjoy the heady aroma as you indulge in a Hotel Chocolat Dipping Adventure. Try experimenting with fresh fruit to really bring the flavour nuances of the chocolate out. 

40% Milk chocolate pot, White chocolate pot, Gianduja cubes, Chocolate Almond biscuits, Breadsticks and Marshmallows.

Included are four bamboo tongs, although I can’t see this being something you’d eat half of and return to and it wouldn’t last very long split between four – two people was about right for the “Mini Dipping Adventure”.

I’ll start with my first and only criticism. If like me you can’t be bothered to heat the chocolate on a Bain Marie and choose to go the Microwave route, be prepared for a bit of a faff. The instructions claim a mere minute in an 800 watt will get you ooey gooey goodness but I ended up checking every 30 seconds up until 3 and a half minutes and half of the white pot was still fairly solid. Still an impatient (hence the mess!) stir soon fixed things and we were on our way!


Obviously the be all and end all of this should be the chocolate pots but firstly the dippers. I was impressed with the quality – considering they were about to be smothered in chocolate, they could have stuck any old cracker in there but everything was surprisingly good.

The breadsticks were the most boring of the bunch, they were small and crisp and there were tonnes of them but really they’re just breadsticks! Good dipped in either chocolate.


There weren’t many marshmallows, I think 8, but they were large, soft, and squidgy. They are rather sweet so I found them best with the milk chocolate. Mr Sweet Tooth however, ate all his drenched in white.

The little Gianduja cubes were a delight! So good I snuck a couple without the heated chocolate in fact! Little silky smooth balls of chocolatey hazelnut deliciousness. Fairly rich with a real nutty flavour I actually preferred this dipped in the white chocolate.


And to nobodies surprise, my favourite, the Chocolate Almond biscuits. God they were good. Sweet with strong chocolate chips and deliciously nutty crunchy almonds. I begged him to give me his half of the biscuits but by the time I’d finished the sentence his had all gone. We couldn’t decided which flavour chocolate they worked better with so half and half was the way to go!

Finally, the stars of the show, the chocolate pots. I hold my hands up and admit a fair bit was spooned straight into my mouth – dipping adventure be damned – before I realised that was kind of skanky and a bit too rich even for me!

The milk chocolate is super milky and has a rich velvety feel and flavour, it really was absolutely gorgeous. The white was just as nice with a creamy delicious white chocolate flavour and nowhere near as sweet as I expected. The quality of both was superb and even though we sat there for a while, picking and dipping various edibles into it, it stayed silky smooth and just perfect.


This is really a great overall product. Not only did we have a blast finding various combinations and making a general mess, but everything was great quality too. I really can’t fault how anything tasted and if I’m going to be extra, extra picky (which I feel like being today) then it loses half a point for the annoyance of standing waiting in front of a microwave for 3 and a half times longer than promised.

Seriously, worth the money and I’m eyeing up it’s big brother “The Large Dipping Adventure” now – it has Dark Chocolate and Caramel Chocolate too!!

Rating: 9.5/10 




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