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Japanese Snacks (Crisps)


It turns out I’ve married a pretty thoughtful man, if tonnes of chocolates weren’t enough he decided to think outside of the box this Christmas too and surprised me with a big box shipped over from Kitakyshu City, Fukuoka to be exact, full of Japanese snacks. It’s going to take a while to work through some of the weird and wonderful snacks so expect some strange reviews in the near future!

Firstly I’ll start with the snacks I recognised fairly easily, the crisps! They are a bit different to our bog standard crisps though as most of these are made with corn rather than potatoes.

Pizza Flavour


Google translate didn’t want to play with this packet and actual Google isn’t throwing up much so unfortunatly I don’t have a brand name. Thankfully it’s printed in written English if the giant pizza photo didn’t clue you in already!


I can’t say I was blown away to be honest, the texture was O.K, much like a harder crunchier Wotsit and the cheese flavour was fine but they were soley cheese flavoured. I expected a hint of tomato or maybe a little herbs but all I got was cheese. A Quaver flavoured crunchier Wotsit.

Morokoshi Wataro 


The Morokoshi Wataro chips, if the happy painting corns hadn’t given it away, are corn flavoured corn chips. Bit redundant isn’t it? Like selling cheese flavoured cheese.. Anyway!


The bags not heavy, weighing only 17g (multipack Wotsits are only 16.5g F.Y.I) but these are some meaty feeling crisps!

Take the aforementioned Wotsit, and imagine it on steroids, one with a real bit of bite to it, one that doesn’t quite melt away but you can have a good crunch. That’s what these bad boys feel like. As for the flavour, well once again I got cheese! Not purely cheese like the pizza crisps, but a bit like a very, very mild cheese Dorito – slight cheese flavour combined with a corn chip.

I loved them!

Kyabetsu Taro 


Google Translate decided to half work for these crisps, informing me of something about cabbage?! I hoped they wouldn’t be cabbage flavoured! Other than that, I had nothing to go on really..


They looked fairly similar to the Pizza Chips but they smelt just like Monster Munch. A much milder version of Pickled Onion Monster Munch to be exact. The texture followed suit and felt once again, like a hench, beefed up Wotsit.

The flavour was a little weird, it was on the mild side regardless so the general gist was just a corny taste but some were weirdly sweet and the darker ones had an acidic vinegar edge to them. A quick Google has since informed me they are supposed to be Nori and Japanese “Brown Sauce” flavoured, and that does fit with what I could taste – I’d have just liked them a little stronger.

USA Crisps


 The USA Fried Potato bag. They should be a bit boring, as far as I can tell they’re literally fried potato flavour but I’ve seen Japanese interpretations of some very bog standard “normal” things and they’re far from boring!

Not content with being fried potato flavoured they’re supposed to look like a french fry too. I suppose they do but I like my french fries (and British chunky chips for that matter) a little more cooked!


 Well Japan, you’ve well and truly bored me! I expected weird and wacky and I got a plainer, less salted, less curved and a bit crunchier Walkers Ready Salted French Fry. Boring and bland really..


Calbee Chicken 


My last packet of crisps are Calbee chicken flavour potato chips. I’m guessing they’re chicken flavoured thanks to the pic of a drumstick on the front and the fact they smell like the best chicken crisps I’ve ever smelt before! So much so that my husband couldn’t help himself pinching one – and he knows not to touch my food!!


Unfortunately they don’t taste quite as good as they smell. Take a look at them, the fact they’re wafers made for a very odd texture, kind of like a puffed rice and a bit airy if that makes sense. Yet it still has the crisp crunch of a normal potato chip. It threw me a bit if I’m honest so most of my focus was on that.

The flavour was hit and miss, as you can see they’re pretty anaemic and believe it or not there is a dark orange seasoning sprinkled over them. The seasoning must be the flavour because a lot had a very plain un-salted crisp flavour but the few darker crisps with most seasoning had a delicious chicken. I think I’ve been spoilt for choice with the strength of some of my upcoming Japanese reviews though, so keep your eyes peeled!


I didn’t dislike any of them, with the exception of the Morokoshi Wataro I probably wouldn’t bother with any of them again though. A bit boring and nothing like the weird and wacky I expected, to be fair the Japanese aren’t really known for their crisps though!


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