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Aunt Bessie’s Custard Ice Cream


I’m a little surprised it’s taken Aunt Bessie this long to whack out a frozen custard ice cream, after all she’s already got a Rhubarb & Custard and a Jam Roly Poly ice cream, of which the latter actually contains custard ice cream. She’s not the first though, frozen custard is pretty big in the U.S, my first experience in the U.K was with The Licktators General Custard and then the Ambrosia Frozen Custards.

It does make sense for Aunt Bessie to bring one out though, they’ve got a pretty big corner of the puddings market and they bring this point to your attention themselves –

I’ve whipped up a delicious custard flavour ice cream to go perfectly with my tasty fruit pies, crumbles and sponge puddings. Now it’s over to you. Simply scoop and serve with your favourite Aunt Bessie’s dessert, any day of the week. 

Well I chose a Saturday Aunt B, and I really couldn’t be arsed to go round the shops searching for the “perfect pudding” so I joined the straight outta the tub club.


It shouldn’t come as a shock that this was just as soft and creamy as the other flavours from Aunt Bessie. You know when ice cream is so soft you can kind of whip it up and give it a good stir? For impatient me, this usually occurs about 3/4 of the way through a tub of say Ben & Jerry’s. Well it was like that as soon as I took it out the freezer, it stayed like that the whole time it was out though and didn’t really melt mind you!

The flavour could have been a lot better. I really liked the custard in the Jam Roly Poly and for my very first spoonful it was good and quite custard-y. I don’t know what they’ve changed in the recipe but it was just so bland in this tub, it didn’t even really have a vanilla flavour it was weirdly plain. A perfect blank canvas but that’s not what was advertised.

I can see now why they want you to eat it with a pudding – it has no flavour of it’s own! One bonus (for some people) will be that it’s a very low calorie ice cream, the entire thing has less than 400 calories but in my opinion it’s not worth sacrificing the flavour for and there are lots of better tasting low calorie options.

Rating: 5/10 

Amy reviewed this too, check out her opinion here.


3 thoughts on “Aunt Bessie’s Custard Ice Cream

  1. Ambrosia couldn’t do it and Aunt Bessie couldn’t do it. When are we going to get. A custard ice cream that tastes of custard? x

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