8/10 · Chocolate · Limited edition

Foxy Chocs Prosecco Truffles

These were another one of my parents souvenirs, this time from much closer afield – York. Yorks Christmas Market to be exact! I can’t lie, these were opened after lunch on Christmas day, a lunch which contained as much alcohol as food – an impressive feat when you consider the amounts my parents must think they’re catering for – and so forgive me for the blurry picture and pray my memory isn’t as fuzzy!

Foxy Chocs, in their own words are

“luxury handmade chocolates made in a lovely kitchen just north of York using tasty Belgian chocolate, smooth cream, fruity flavours and scrummy booze”


Just in case we hadn’t consumed enough of the fizzy stuff with lunch, I chose a suitably boozey sweet treat for afters too with the limited edition Prosecco Truffle flavour, a white chocolate shell with a smooth centre.

The white chocolate is incredible, not overly sugary at all with a delicious chocolate flavour. The middle was actually surprisingly runny but still had a lovely creamy texture and a touch of the (now very familiar) flavour of Prosecco with none of the harsh alcohol edge.

They were very moreish and I just about remember fighting over the last in the box. Truly indulgent tasting and very grown up, I’m gutted they’re so far away but if you’re close they’re a must try. as far as I can tell you can order for delivery from their website (found here) too!

Rating: 8/10


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