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Maryland Cookie Bites


For the longest time in a supermarket full of bags of chocolates, there was only one sharing sized (A.K.A I don’t feel quite as guilty eating the lot) bag of mini cookies – the humble Maryland Cookie. So when I saw Maryland were releasing two new pouches I was a bit confused as to how they’d be different. Especially as one is just chocolate chip flavoured anyway.

Well, they’re actually better (in theory) than a normal cookie. They’re covered in milk chocolate!

Choc Chip & Caramel 


These are caramel flavoured bitesize cookies with chocolate chips covered in milk chocolate. Get it right and that sounds just about perfect!

The bags weigh 120g so the same as the Hobnobs Nibbles and their Digestive brothers, and in the general area of a Cadbury “sharing pouch”, but I was surprised (and pleasantly for once) at the amount of cookies inside – there were bloody loads!


Forgive the scuffed looking chocolate, they probably weren’t picture perfect anyway but I’m a sucker for a fridge cold cookie so I’d imagine the temperature has affected the look a little.

Considering a solid 45% of these are milk chocolate I expected more of a chocolate scent, instead I found the unmistakable smell of delicious Maryland cookies combined with a sweet caramel.


I loved them! They taste mainly of that distinct Mini Maryland Cookie that are just so addictive, sure they aren’t “gourmet” or “artisan” and they’re mass produced factory cookies but there’s something about them that’s so good!

Coat them in a fairly standard typical biscuit covering milk chocolate and they just improve. Happily I could really taste the difference between the chocolate coating and the chocolate chips – not necessarily in flavour but every now and then a sweet and smooth milky chocolate nibble amongst the crunchy biscuit.

The caramel was the only feature to half let the rest down. At times it was very subtle, to the point of barely tasting it at all, and at times it was strong and clear. A rich and sweet delicious caramel that paired perfectly with all the other players.

I didn’t waste much time demolishing these!

Choc Chip 


As for the other bag? Well they’re virtually identical, just minus the caramel. Burton’s Biscuits seem very proud of the fact both bags contain no artificial colours, preservatives, flavours or sweeteners, no hydrogenated fats and non GM ingredients. I wouldn’t go as far as saying they’re healthy but you could do a lot worse.

There were just as many as in the Choc Chip & Caramel bag, a serving is 5 mini cookies apparently and there are roughly 6 servings, so you’re looking at around 30 cookies per pouch.

How did they taste? Well see above and remove the caramel! They’re extra chocolatey, thicker, crunchier mini Maryland cookies. They’re very nice, very moreish and just what I needed on a miserable January evening.

It just goes to show that sometimes the simple ideas are some of the better ones!

Rating: 8/10 


2 thoughts on “Maryland Cookie Bites

  1. I look forward to trying these having read our review. I’m a home baker but there’s something about the manufactured taste Maryland Big and Chunkies that leaves me weak at the knees! If these are anywhere close, I’ll be addicted! 🙂

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