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Magnum Ice Cream Tubs

A couple of days ago I found THREE (well, four but that’s a review for next week) new ice creams in Iceland. They’re a bit expensive but although I won’t pay £27 for an (ugly work) coat, I will for ice cream apparently. Ouch!

They’re essentially the Magnums we know and love, just in a tub rather than on a stick. Vanilla ice cream surrounded by a chocolate casing (milk chocolate for Classic & Almond flavours and white chocolate for White) with shards of the same chocolate inside and extra almonds for the Almond flavour.


The idea is that you take the tub out of the freezer and leave it for ten minutes – good luck with that one – then give it a good squeeze, cracking the outer chocolate and mimicking, I suppose, biting into the outside of a stick Magnum.

I have zero patience so it took a bit of work digging in but we got there..


I wondered how the taste of a Magnum would translate over and if it even would. It does – perfectly. Everything about it screams Magnum, if you’ve had one before you’ll know exactly the flavours I’m talking about.


The vanilla ice cream in all three is deliciously sweet, creamy and comforting – just as good, if not better, in a tub as it is on the end of a wooden stick. For the first time I can actually look at the ingredients rather than chuck the wrapper away and I’m impressed to see real vanilla beans rather than untold flavourings.

Almond flavour has the addition of almonds (duh) just like the stick, and the largest are on the surface but what they lack in size they make up for in number and they have a great almond flavour and a perfect crunch.


The star of all three though, are the chocolates.


The ice cream is topped with a thick layer of chocolate that is identical to the chocolate used on the stick ice creams. I thought this was it so was over the moon when I found huge shards of chocolate lurking inside the ice cream. It got even better when I realised I wasn’t scraping the sides of the tub – it was all inside even more delicious chocolate!

I was left with a layer on the bottom just as thick as the one on the top, catching all the melted ice cream and stray nuts.

As I said, it’s instantly recognisable as Magnum chocolate but I never realised until I had this much of it, just how tasty it is. It almost seems too nice to waste on an ice cream but boy I’m glad they did!


God these were good!

Rating: 8/10 


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