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Fruittella Less Sugar/Sugar Free Sweets

Fruittella have released four new lower sugar themed bags and I have three to review today – the fourth is just a bag solely of the strawberry flavour from Summer Fruits.

Summer Fruits (30% less sugar)

I presumed they’d be sweetener based but this isn’t the case for all. Infact this bag has no sweeteners at all!

Fruit lovers inspired Fruittella to create delicious sweets made with fruit juice and natural flavours and colourings! Now Fruittella has squeezed even more fruit juice into every sweet. Unmistakably fruity taste with 30% less sugar*. No sweeteners. 

*Compared to standard Fruittella. 

DSCF4166 (2).JPG

So they’ve used real fruit juice instead of sugars and sweeteners, which in truth isn’t particularly ‘healthy’ itself, but in the grand scheme of things a far better option than pure sugar! Glucose syrup and sugar are still the main ingredients but standard Fruittella Summer Fruits have 54g of sugar per 100g compared to 37g per 100g in this bag. A pretty decent saving.

These have the same 3 flavours as the ordinary bag and were just as much of a pain in the arse to unwrap as their sugary counterparts. I don’t even want to think how much sweet paper I’ve eaten over my lifetime..

The important bit, how do they taste?  Better. Honestly!

The orange is lovely and strong, the lemon sweet and very natural tasting and the strong delicious strawberry was my favourite of course! All three are stronger and juicier than any Fruittella I’ve eaten before – a hell of a lot juicer!

Fruittella on steroids.

Rating: 8/10 

Fruit Gums (Sugar free)


The Fruit Gums are actually really thin disc shaped Wine Gums and do use sweeteners.

Fruit lovers inspired Fruittella to combine natural flavours with Stevia Extract to create Fruittella Sugar Free Fruit Gums. Enjoy and share a fantastic fruity experience without any sugar. Sweetened by nature – our fruit gums are sweetened with steviol glycosides which is present in the leaves of Stevia, a plant originally found in South America. 

Some people don’t react very well to Stevia which is worth keeping in mind if you choose this flavour.


I bought two bags and I actually opened both as I thought I’d been short changed on the flavours. Turns out Blackcurrant and Strawberry are virtually indistinguishable save for a tiny picture of the fruit stamped on top.

They’re a little weird, they are just as chewy as a full sized proper Wine Gum but without any of the juiciness as they’re so thin. They came off a little rubbery feeling to be honest but once I got into eating them it wasn’t really an issue.

All the flavours are really natural tasting, some stronger than others. Blackcurrant was fairly mild and tasted a lot like very diluted Ribena, Strawberry was stronger and quite juicy tasting all things considered, and Orange was probably the truest flavour and tasted just like eating an actual orange – white stringy bits included weirdly! Lastly lemon was again very authentic tasting and had a sweet rather than sharp flavour.

None of them had an artifical sweetener taste at all, they’re all very natural and real tasting while still having a strong enough flavour.

Rating: 7/10

Fruit Foams (Sugar Free) 


Lastly the Fruit Foams, these too are sugar free using Stevia Extract instead of sugar. Same description as the Sugar Free Fruit Gums but just in lemon, strawberry and peach flavoured foam sweets instead.

Peach is a bit of an odd choice but one I’m guessing must have just worked better with the nature of the sweet and sweetener.


 These bags are pretty little, this ones 80g, but you get a very decent amount, so again beware people with a sensitivity to Stevia. They’re pleasant enough to eat with a typical foam sweet texture, soft and squidgy but with a very slight crunch from whatever that is coating them – I was a bit bewildered as usually it’s sugar but this has absolutely none.. Never mind.

Lemon flavour was surprisingly my favourite! Deliciously strong and with a fairly sweet but mostly sharp flavour. There’s no mistaking what this is supposed to be. I presumed I’d love strawberry as always. I presumed wrong. It’s not bad just bland to be honest with a sweet but very mild strawberry flavour. The odd one out so to speak, peach, was as weird as I though it’d be. It doesn’t taste like one of my favourite sweets the Haribo Peach Hearts, instead it was strangely un-sweet with a very authentic and very strong peach flavour. Good, but weird.

For a bag of sweets these weren’t very sweet at all! The flavours were all pretty natural but nowhere near as tasty as the other bags. They had no artificial sweetener flavour either though so Fruit-tella have scored well all round on that front.

Rating: 6/10 


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