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McVitie’s Hobnobs Nibbles


Waaaay back in March last year, McVities released the Digestive Nibbles. God knows why it has taken this long, but they’ve finally released the Hobnobs Nibbles. (It’s bugging me writing HobnobS, it should be Hobnob surely?). Same as before but instead of chocolate coated Digestive Biscuits, they’re chocolate coated Hobnobs. Duh!

So what’s the difference between a Hobnob and a Digestive? Well not that much, they’re both fairly plain tasting as standard but Digestives have a soley wheat flour base and Hobnobs have a wheat flour and oat base. Although if you’ve never had a Hobnob you’re wasting your time reading this, you really need to try its deliciousness for yourself, and if you’ve never had either? Slap yourself!


The bags the same size as the others in the range, 120g, and for that you’ll get a fair old amount of small lumpy chocolate bites.

Again, what can I say? They taste identical to a “real” Hobnob and a whole different beast from a Digestive. I always forget how much I prefer Hobnobs, they’re an addictive cross between a Digestive biscuit and a flapjack. Just sweet enough, rich and chunky if that makes sense, and so much more satisfying than their boring biscuit brother.

The biscuit is the same as a full sized Hobnob and the chocolate coating is the same too, it’s still uniquely McVities tasting and compliments the biscuit perfectly. These are seriously addictive little bites and they go down the hatch a bit too well, the 120g bag size is just right though because as they were becoming a bit too much I ran out. Good stuff!

Confession time… Eating these bought back a previously buried childhood memory of sitting on holiday at about 8 years old dunking chocolate covered Hobnobs into a tin of cold baked beans?! I told you I had food issues!!

Rating: 8/10 


2 thoughts on “McVitie’s Hobnobs Nibbles

  1. Hobnobs in baked beans might just be stranger than oats in Easter eggs… haha! I’m going to have to try these Nibbles, they sound delicious!

    1. I’ve been eating cold baked beans (Heinz or Tesco only!!) for as long as I can literally remember, but dunking Hobnobs in them was one of my stranger ideas… 😅 you do they’re very morish, and only £1 at the moment!

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