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Smarties In Milkybar


I know I’ve mentioned my husbands love of Milkybar many many times before in other reviews so it should come as no surprise that these were a present for him. Originally intended to go in his Christmas stocking but I swear the man can sniff out Milkybar from a mile away.

This isn’t just any Milkybar though, oh no, it’s Smarties in Milkybar –

Smarties in Milkybar. Creamy white confection! A perfect family treat combining the fun of Smarties and delicious Milkybar 

– right-o! Made and sold in South Africa, I found my bar online at Amazon.


The bar’s quite small at only 80g but looks bigger than a U.K 120g Milkybar. It’s fairly thick but I guess this is more to contain the smarties, of which most are pretty visible through the chocolate.

I didn’t actually have as many Smarties as I’d have liked and I’d go as far as saying I had more squares without Smarties than with. They’re typical Nestle Smarties anyway, surprisingly chocolatey tasting with a crisp sugar shell and ridiculously addictive.

The white chocolate however is different. We both tasted it but you’d know before even taking a bite. The South African Milkybars main ingredient is Cane Sugar, the U.Ks is plain boring sugar. South African Nestle then use full cream milk powder, whereas us in the U.K get again, boring milk powder. There are various other differences too.


The difference in taste is subtle but once I realised what it was I loved it. It still has that typical and unique Milkybar flavour but it’s creamier, less sweet and in my opinion nicer than the Milkybar we get at home. I could quite easily have eaten a whole other bar and I don’t think I’ve said that about Milkybar before – it’s usually become pretty sickly around halfway through!

I bought for the Smarties but I wasn’t all too bothered in the end. Now I just need to find lots more South African chocolate to try, are they all nicer?

Rating: 7/10 


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