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INSTA-REVIEW: Tango Blue Balls


Is Blue Balls not the best name ever? Naughty Tango!

These Blue Balls are blue raspberry Bon Bons, and they’ve got a lot to live up to! I wasted no time and got stuck in..


They’re certainly very blue! The good news is that the centres have a strong fizzy raspberry flavour. It’s artificial, it’s sweet but it’s pretty good.

The bad news? Well, it takes some work getting there. These blue balls are rock hard (haha) ridiculously chewy, are almost painful to eat until you’ve practically finished them and are bland with no flavour at all until you reach the middle.

The packet says “No pain – no gain” but I didn’t think they’d take it quite so literally..

Honestly, the flavour is quite nice but is worth nowhere near the effort it takes getting there. Shame!

Rating: 5/10 


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