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INSTA-REVIEW: Lidl Deluxe Pulled Pork & Wild Flower Honey Crisps


I picked these crisps up at the same time as the Lidl Deluxe Turkey & Stuffing crisps that I reviewed over Christmas but pulled pork isn’t particularly festive so I waited a while for the review for these.

Now what distinguishes pork from pulled pork in crisp form I did not know but I hoped I’d find out. The crisps are from the same posh range as before, created by Michelin starred chef, Kevin Love and creating “fresh delicious twists to classic dishes”

The lightly spiced pork flavour in these crisps is balanced nicely by the sweet honey. 

Again, I’ll be the judge of that Love!

They have the most mouth watering scent, a perfect balance of sweet and meat and although there were a couple of smaller crisps, most were large and not greasy or oily at all.


I won’t beat around the bush, all you can mainly taste is the honey, and what a honey it is! Beautifully sweet but rich and oddly, very posh and fancy tasting! The honey flavour (coming from a powder apparently) really is delicious.

There is a porkier side to the flavour, almost. It’s not really pork tasting, instead it has more of a vaguely meaty salty and savoury flavour. In fact the last few crisps I had were so cryptic on the meat front I’d have probably guessed they were roast chicken!

I think the pulled pork is supposed to be thanks to a smoky flavour, to achieve this Lidl have used a smoked salt as well as a standard salt. Instead of achieving this smoky flavour all that really happened was a ridiculous salt overload. We both had to stop and get a glass of water and I’d go so far as saying they’re the saltiest crisps I can remember eating.

By the time I’d reached the end of my half of the bag things were getting hot too. Not spicy hot but like somebody got carried away with the pepper, a quick glance at the ingredients shows various different peppers used – confirming exactly what I could taste too.

Still, thank God for the honey as it really mellowed out the flavour and made these surprisingly enjoyable. Maybe it was that time of year but we both agreed these are the perfect “party crisp”, stick ’em out in a bowl and I guarantee you they won’t last long!

Rating: 7/10 

(Mr.1T is insisting I tell you: forget all these fancy crisps. Get a bag of Salt & Vinegar Chipsticks, pour in some extra vinegar, give the bag a shake and thank him later)


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