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INSTA-REVIEW: Fruittella X-Plosions

These Dutch Fruittella are just as much of a pain in the arse to unwrap as ours and are just as inconsistent in flavours too! I counted, out of 20 sweets 14 were orange, 4 were strawberry and 2 lemon!

Strawberry, orange and lemon flavoured chews with a sour apple flavour filling


Orange was much firmer than our Fruittella, and had a liquid feeling middle. The flavour is very sharp and isn’t clearly orange, instead has a strong acidic edge and a super super sour centre. Very tasty though.

Strawberry was softer and sweeter. The flavour was so strong and really fresh and juicy. It overpowered the sour apple middle a little but was still good. Nicer than our strawberry!

Lemon was back to hard and unexpectedly sweet. Really nice with the sour centre.

I couldn’t taste the apple but they delivered on the sour, really really good!

Rating: 8/10 


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