8/10 · Toffee · Yogurt

Yeo Valley Left Yeovers – Banoffee


Yeo Valley are doing something pretty cool, they’re taking leftover ingredients from previous flavours and making “Left Yeovers” with them, exclusive to and supported by Tesco with 10p from every tub going to the chairty Fare Share who fight hunger and tackle food waste. Remember Yeo Valley Banana & Custard? Well they’ve taken all the leftover bananas and made Banoffee.

Banoffee is banana and toffee flavoured yogurt and is made with 5% organic banana pieces as well as flavourings.

As ever the yogurt is thick and creamy and feels far too naughty to be kind of good for you!


The first thing I noticed were the chunks of banana, they had a great texture and tasted as fresh as if I’d taken my own just bought bananas and stirred them in.

The yogurt is the star of the show though, it has a beautiful mix of the sharp tang of natural yogurt, a sweet creamy banana flavour and a delicious caramelised toffee. The natural yogurt flavour was the milder of the three but the other two were pretty close.

I was surprised again (although I shouldn’t be by now) to find the flavour was really natural but still wickedly strong.

I love it! Hopefully it’ll do so well it will stick around. Please?

Rating: 8/10 


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