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Choc On Choc Chocolate Biscuits 


I have been eyeing these Choc On Choc Chocolate Biscuits up for the longest time but honestly, I wasn’t prepared to pay the £12 price tag for 140g of chocolate when I had no reassurance the chocolate was actually worth it – happily my husband was! I am so annoyed the photos I’ve taken doesn’t do them justice at all, blame the Christmas fizz…

Choc On Choc are a family run (father-daughter) company with all the chocolates being handmade in Somerset using the finest Belgian chocolate.


The chocolate biscuit box contained 7 biscuits which in real life look far more like their crumbly counterparts than any chocolate I’ve seen! They look so true to real biscuits that I didn’t quite believe I was even eating chocolate until they were in my mouth. With each biscuit the scepticism returned – they just don’t look like chocolates!!

The attention to detail alone is probably enough to earn them a 10/10!

The party ring, custard cream, pink panther wafer and jam biscuit are all white chocolate while the chocolate digestive and bourbon are milk.

The chocolate digestive was just amazing, it had a good thick snap with a deliciously strong milk chocolate flavour. Power of persuasion (and maybe vodka) convinced me the bourbon had a real cocoa flavour too – just like the lovely cocoa cream you find inside a real bourbon biscuit but blended with the gorgeous 33.5% milk chocolate.


Next to the real deal they aren’t quite as identical as they look in the box but there ain’t much in it, they’d easily pass for a supermarket brand next to these McVities I’ve used for comparison!

The white chocolate used is just as good quality, surprisingly containing 28% cocoa solids and it certainly shows. The party ring went first and it tasted just like Milky Bar – if Milky Bars were made with actual chocolate! Not too sweet with a proper chocolate flavour, just perfect for a white chocolate. The custard cream was very soft with an entirely different taste thanks to the extra thickness.  The underlying flavour was the same but it had a much richer and creamier taste to it too. The jammy dodger was a combination of the two, slightly creamier feel but with the extra bonus of the thinner snap and finally the two pink wafers were back to the vanilla creaminess of the custard creams.

It was interesting to see how strong a part the shape and size of the chocolates played on the taste with a real different experience of flavours using just two different chocolates. Not only do they look incredible, they taste just as good. The chocolate moulds are handmade by Kerr (dad) in his ‘shed’ and so all in all, I think the price is more than justified. Brilliant!

Rating: 10/10 


2 thoughts on “Choc On Choc Chocolate Biscuits 

  1. Wow! It’s so refreshing to read about a chocolate that not only looks incredible (I don’t think I’ve seen more beautiful chocolate) but also tastes incredible too. Bravo to choc-on-choc for the creation and to your mister for treating you at long last!

    1. Seriously Amy, my photos make them look absolutely awful – they look fantastic!! I can’t help but feel like the rest of the years reviews are going to seem terrible after this. Still, start as you mean to go on hopefully! 🙏

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