Tesco Finest Prosecco Sponge Pudding


Happy Christmas Eve!! I’ve saved this review for today because if ever there’s a time to review sparkly, boozey pudding it has to be Christmas Eve! You might be annoyed it’s up a bit late but depending on how this review goes I’ve either done you a favour and there’s no need to buy it or you can grab all the reduced ones on Boxing Day – Win/Win!

All butter sponge pudding with Prosecco, topped with sweetened dried cranberries and gold sparkle for decoration. 

The pudding is easy to prepare, you literally pop it in the microwave for 55 seconds and tip upside down on a plate. Those 55 seconds took an absolute age and I was getting more and more unnerved by the second as the strangest smell appeared… It smelt just like my bread machine?!


I can only assume it’s a mix of the wheat flour and butter but it was a bit odd to say the least.

I soon forgot once I got a glimpse of the pudding in all it’s glory, O.K the cranberries were a bit lopsided but it was glittery pudding!

The bread machine returned full force though. It’s really, really strange but it’s what I could taste in the plain sponge, still there are worse things to remind someone of than fresh baked bread.

My weird tastebuds aside the sponge itself was nice, soft and buttery and more than moist enough to enjoy alone. That’s not really the point though is it?


What we’re all here for. The Prosecco syrup. We saw in the M&S Prosecco Caramels how wrong things can go and thankfully it works so much better with pudding!

It’s sweet and sticky with a deliciously boozey Prosecco flavour and not a hint of the harsh medicinal alcohol I could taste in the caramels. Tesco would do well selling the syrup alone, Prosecco pancakes for breakfast anyone?

Just as an aside, the cranberries are the icing on the cake so to speak and add a lovely festive flavour to get you into the Christmas spirit!

 Rating: 7/10

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a good one, I’ll be about on Instagram and Twitter and am looking forward to seeing all of your Christmas dinners! xx


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