8/10 · Crisps

Lidl Deluxe Roast Turkey And Sage & Onion Stuffing Crisps


Come Christmas time you can find Turkey flavoured everything, most are a bit crap but crisps are usually a winner! Enter Lidl Deluxe (With Love) Roast Turkey And Sage & Onion Stuffing hand cooked potato crisps. They’re ever so fancy, the With Love part of the name is a play on the fact the range was created by a Michelin starred chef – Kevin Love – and it’s a range serving up fresh delicious twists to classic dishes. Here’s what he has to say The familiar flavour of roast turkey and a herby stuffing is captured perfectly in these crisps” 

No offence Kevin mate, but I’ll be the judge of that 😉

The crisps are lovely and thick, have a nice herby coating and somehow were completely intact! I poured the bag out and expected a ton of crisp dust but not a thing!


They smelt like Christmas dinner but just the good bits, not a sniff of sprouts and just meaty stuffing goodness.

It tasted exactly as it smelt, the stuffing is stronger and has a proper sage and onion stuffing flavour but the poultry was there. I say poultry not exclusively turkey as it did taste just like turkey but it reminded me an awful lot of my two favourite crisps, Lays Roast Chicken and Sensations Roast Chicken & Thyme. Still, chicken and turkey are two very similar flavours anyway so it’s not really an issue!

Be warned, these are massively addictive and it’s a good job I split the bag between the pair of us before I’d tried one or he wouldn’t have got a look in!

Rating: 8/10 Delicious. 


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