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M&S Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Rolls


These were part of that expensive M&S goodie haul I mentioned a while back. I love a tortilla but I don’t usually eat them as a savoury snack, instead I use them as a dip or scoop for my chilli con carne, I’m not sure I’d use these for that though!

They look exactly like you’d expect a tortilla roll to. Rolled up tortillas! The cinnamon seasoning is clear to see and they smelt incredible, a very inviting warm and sweet cinnamon scent just begging to be eaten.

Textually, they’re good. Wickedly crunchy and very satisfying.


They’re weird. Good weird mind you but weird all the same. They are still tortillas at the end of the day so still retain some standard plain tortilla flavour. They’re not your boring normal tortillas for long though, they have a largely sugary sweet flavour which is absolutely delicious. Not sugary like eurgh who put this much sugar in the recipe but exactly like the powdered sugar donuts you get at the sea side or markets! God I love those donuts, they’re the only time I really eat them and I don’t care, they are the best donuts. Ever. So you can imagine I was over the moon that these tasted a bit like that, minus the actual dough obviously!

Finally the cinnamon. It’s a lovely flavour, nice and warm but it is smells stronger than it actually is. I could still taste it but it’s secondary to the sweet sugary flavours.

They aren’t as cinnamon-y as I hoped they’d be but they’re better than I could have imagined! Ridiculously addictive and I’m not ashamed to admit we fought over the crumbs in the bottom of the bag!

Rating: 8/10


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