8/10 · Fudge · Limited edition

Lidl Deluxe Christmas Butter Fudge


I actually reviewed this last year but I’m an ex-smoker now (8 months cold turkey woo hoo!) and so we can disregard any reviews beforehand as everything tastes so different now!

Hand broken, crumbly, all butter fudge made using a subtle blend of Christmas spices, raisins and Glacé cherries with a hint of brandy

I can agree on one point with my review from last year, this fudge is seriously lacking on the raisins and cherries, I’d say about 75% of the pieces had none at all but what it lacked in fruit it hinted it would be making up for in booze and spices with a sweet buttery slightly brandy scent.


The fudge is fairly soft and crumbly but it isn’t grainy or gritty like handmade fudge. It has a smoothness you only tend to find in mass produced fudge but it’s still very nice regardless.

The flavour is delicious, mostly buttery with a typical sugary sweetness and wonderfully festive flavours blended in. These actually tasted a lot like mince pie, even more so than the Bon Bons Gourmet Mince Pie fudge, which is odd as this isn’t even claiming to be mince pie flavoured but there you go!

As I said, there aren’t many raisins and I don’t think I had even one Glacé cherry but I didn’t really mind, the deliciously buttery fudge and warm comforting spices were tasty enough for me although, strangely, despite smelling the brandy I couldn’t really taste it at all.

Maybe this box was a little heavier on the cinnamon and nutmeg than the one I had last year but the overwhelming sweetness I complained about then wasn’t true this time round.

Lovely stuff!

Rating: 8/10


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