10/10 · Biscuits · Limited edition

Gingerbread Dave (Sainsburys)


Meet Gingerbread Dave. He’s from Sainsburys and costs £1. Gingerbread Dave’s a bit special though, as 50p from each sale goes to somewhere very special – Great Ormand Street Hospital Childrens Charity.


Dave’s a big bastard (unsurprisingly, all the Daves I know in real life are!) and looks a bit smug.

Unfortunately for Dave, and fortunately for GOSH, Dave is delicious.

He’s soft and ever so slightly chewy with a gorgeous sweet ginger flavour. I was surprised something that came mass produced from a supermarket and is more of a novelty could be so tasty!


Not so smug now are you Dave?!

Honestly though, this is a very nice gingerbread regardless, the fact 50% of sales go to such an important and amazing place is just the icing on Daves delicious face.

Go buy! And get me some more while you’re at it.

Rating: 10/10 


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