7/10 · Chocolate

Tesco Chocolate Swirl Bites


There’s something about Christmas that means I’m much more willing to buy and try cakes and baked goods, normally I’d pass on these but they seemed like they’d be a perfectly sized sweet treat in an otherwise very stodgy season.

Chocolate flavoured sponge bites topped with chocolate flavoured buttercream and coated in milk chocolate. 


They don’t look all that appetising – stick a pair of goggly eyes on and you’ve got yourself the poo emoji!

They smelt delicious though, the buttercream has a strong sweet chocolate scent that reminded me a lot of those fancy boxes of fresh cream chocolates you can buy, I didn’t expect them to smell that nice to be honest.

The buttercream and chocolate coating are in even proportions (31% each) but the buttercream is dominant.


Think posh Cadbury Mini Roll. Just in a poo shape with less cake and better quality ingredients and you’ve got it.

They’re very nice – smooth creamy chocolate buttercream with a soft moist cake and a thick chocolate shell. I don’t think these will last long should they appear at one of the many festive get-togethers.. (Don’t bother, they’re only small – eat them all yourself!)

Rating: 7/10

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