7/10 · Chocolate

Morrisons Ice Cream Chocolates


Morrisons are trying to fill the (very small) gap in the dessert market for people who don’t like profiteroles. Now I’m not too keen on them myself, after a big meal (and especially at Christmas) the last thing I want is something doughy, I would reach for an ice cream chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth though!

There are three flavours, all with a Belgian chocolate covering, an ice cream centre and a blob of sauce in the middle. They seemed to be O.K holding up and were relatively clean until the chocolate shell was opened, then all hell was let loose. Just kidding. Watch for any broken chocolate though, I had none but I can see it getting very messy! 

Chocolate And Hazlenut 

Vanilla flavour ice cream with a chocolate and hazelnut sauce flavour sauce centre covered in milk chocolate with chocolate couverture stripes.

These were my favourite, the chocolate is absolutely delicious! They’ve played a blinder not using a crap chocolate, it has a real milky proper chocolate flavour that is just perfect with the sweet vanilla ice cream. Talking of which, is fine. Nothing special but tasty enough. The hazelnut/chocolate sauce is lovely too with a strong nutty and rich flavour that is always going to be a winning combination paired with ice cream and a good chocolate.


Caramel And Vanilla 

Vanilla flavour dairy ice cream with a caramel sauce centre covered in milk chocolate with white chocolate stripes. 

Well this was unexpected, not a hint of salt promised! It just shows sometimes less is more as these were amazing too! Same quality chocolate, I can’t say I noticed anything from the white chocolate stipes instead though, and same fine vanilla ice cream. The sauce has a strong rich caramel flavour – just perfect with the milky chocolate and sweet ice cream.

Strawberry And Vanilla Chocolate 

Vanilla flavour dairy ice cream with  a strawberry sauce centre covered in white chocolate with chocolate couverture stripes 

This flavour was probably my least favourite, not because it was bad though. The white chocolate is a bit sweet, more so because it’s with an already sweet ice cream but especially compared to the proper chocolate flavour of the milk chocolate used. It’s O.K though and fine as part of a mixture. The strawberry sauce was a bit of a let down after the previous two too. They had rich flavours that tasted quality but the strawberry tasted like a generic strawberry ice cream syurp. The kind you get on your jelly and ice cream as a kid, nice but completely different to the others.

Well these were an unexpected delight! I’d definitely buy them again and just give the strawberry flavours to Mr. White Chocolate himself, Mr.One Treat.

Rating: 7/10 


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