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Favorina Gingerbread With Almonds (Lidl)


This (ridiculously hard to photograph) clear plastic packet caught my eye in Lidl, it was near the Lebkuchen and looked like a disfigured Lebkuchen but there seemed to be no name or description on it at all. A quick flip gave me all the info I needed to know and straight in to the basket they went.

Honey gingerbread sprinkled with almonds and coated with 24% milk chocolate


The biscuits are roughly the same size as a standard Lebkuchen, a little bigger than a normal U.K biscuit and each packet contains approximately 13 of the most tempting sweet honey ginger biscuits.

The gingerbread is a tale of two halves. Firstly the texture is perfect, soft and chewy with a really satisfying bite. The ginger isn’t as strong as I’d like with the honey diluting it a little but it’s still delicious. They’re slightly spiced with a sweet honey flavour and pretty damn tasty!

The almonds were very much appreciated too, the subtle flavour mixed with the honey gave a slight honey nut flavour that was delicious but they were mainly there for the texture as welcome little crunchy bursts every so often.


I don’t think I’ve heard any complaints about Lidl chocolate and the chocolate used on the coating is more than up to scratch. It’s only thin but it tastes thick and creamy with a lovely milk chocolate flavour. The chocolate was probably  dominant but it didn’t overpower the rest at all.

I adored the texture of these biscuits and they were stupidly moreish. They’d have got a higher score if they had a stronger ginger flavour but they were still delicious regardless!

Rating: 7/10 


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