4/10 · 7/10

Bon Bon’s Gourmet Christmas Fudge


I love fudge and I love Christmas food, I quite loved Bon Bon’s Gourmet Easter fudge too so it stands to reason I should really love Bon Bon’s Gourmet Christmas fudge, right?

Christmas Pudding


The Christmas Pudding flavour contains the usual supsects, raisins, almonds, hazelnuts, dried cranberries, brandy, mixed spice and cinnamon. You’d expect a somewhat familiar scent with all those festive flavours but there’s not much difference between these and a standard sweet buttery fudge. I thought I smelt a hint of brandy but that may have been wishful sniffing.

The texture is as perfect (to me) as all Bon Bon’s Gourmet fudge is, quite firm and crumbly with a melt in the mouth quality, and a handmade and authentic feel to it.

The flavour doesn’t quite live up to the hype I created in my mind though.


It’s delicious don’t get me wrong but I don’t know how it can supposedly contain so many extra ingredients yet have no extra flavour at all.

It’s nice to begin with, buttery and sweet like you’d expect but the cranberries and raisins bring nothing else to the table except more sugar. That extra sweetness on top of what’s essentially a lump of sugar and butter is hard to handle.

There were no spiced flavours, no nut flavours, no fruit flavours. Just the odd chew of a raisin here and there and a throat burning sweetness.

Rating: 4/10 (I really like the texture!) 


Mince Pie looks a lot like the Christmas Pudding flavour but with more raisins. The ingredients are kind of similar with raisins, stewed apple, brandy, mixed spice and orange and lemon oil but this flavour smelt more like I hoped, with a definite whiff of the mince pie about it.

The texture is identical save for the extra raisins which give it a bit more of a chewiness.


Thankfully this flavour is so much better. The first thing I noticed was the brandy, it had a very warming flavour and had none of the harshness you sometimes find with alcohol. The mixed spices are subtle but perfect to take the edge off of the sugary sweetness and the end result is a fudge that’s sweet but moreish rather than the becoming sickly like the Christmas Pudding fudge.

I could taste a citrus flavour, whether it was the orange or the lemon I’m not sure but it was there and worked well with all the other flavours. The raisins are juicy and full of flavour too.

This really did taste like a mince pie minus the pastry, although, as the fudge had more of a buttery flavour even that reminded me a little of an all butter pastry.

The more I ate the more this tasted like mince pies. Much, much better than the Christmas Pudding and of the two the one I’d go for every time.

Rating: 7/10 


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