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M&S Christmas Milk Chocolate Prosecco Caramels


We all knew this was coming didn’t we. Last year saw a huge push on prosecco from the supermarkets so it should have been obvious that this year absolutely everything would be prosecco flavoured.

I’ve admitted time and time again I’m a sucker for a gimmick and the promise of a “touch of golden sparkle” drew me in..


Inside were a surprising amount of unassuming domed chocolates with a fairly generic chocolate smell.

They’re anything but normal though. The chocolate shell itself is fine, it reminded me of old proper Cadbury Dairy Milk actually, milky with a comforting familiar flavour. And there almost ends the positives.


The caramel middles are weird. Super duper runny liquid centres with an 80/20 ratio on the flavours. That is 20% had no flavour and 80% were pretty bad. They had a general alcohol taste that wasn’t identifiable as prosecco and was quite harsh and medicinal tasting.

But you said there were more positives? Look! They’re glittery!

Rating: 4/10


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