Epic Snacks Gingerbread Latte Popcorn (Aldi)


Last year I reviewed the now returned Butterkist Gingerbread Popcorn and more recently the completely un-festive Tesco Finest (very!) Fiery Ginger Popcorn. This bag from Aldi is a little different, it’s Gingerbread Latte but not as you’d expect. I presumed there’d be some form of coffee thanks to the latte part but instead the latte seems to just mean creamy as this is popcorn with a ginger and cream flavoured toffee coating.

That toffee coating was all I could smell just like in the Butterkist bag, I was quite surprised actually as ginger and cinnamon tend to be very dominating flavours and scents.


You don’t need to try these to tell how much more consistent the flavour is, go look for yourself on the Butterkist review and you’ll see just how much more evenly the toffee is coating these kernels.

The gingerbread flavour reigns supreme, it’s much sweeter than the fiery ginger flavour found in the Tesco bag but does still have a lovely festive warm spiced edge to it too. At no point did they taste like plain popcorn, if I couldn’t taste the gingerbread I could taste a deliciously creamy flavour that wasn’t a creamy toffee but a cream flavoured toffee if you catch my drift!

I had no unpopped pieces and no popcorn dust which always earns bonus points in my book! A wonderful contrast of sweet, spicy and creamy. I never bothered buying another Butterkist bag but this is superior from memory and cheaper too at 99p for 200g.

Rating: 8/10


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