8/10 · Fudge

Asda Gingerbread Flavour Fudge


It bugs me that gingerbread is such a seasonal flavour, it is the reason I’m secretly happy the Christmas food appears earlier and earlier each year!

I can’t remember the exact review now (if anyone finds it please comment and let me know!) but back at Easter I went off on a rant that I was sure my local Asda were piping the smell of Hot Cross Buns at the entrance of the shop – they are owned by Walmart and it is quite a well known American trick so maybe not too out there though – and what do you know, come the middle of October the smell of Mince Pies and Gingerbread miraculously appeared underneath the air conditioning vents..

They’ve got you covered though with a full aisle already (I’m actually writing this in October, early bird catches the worm and all that jazz) of Christmas treats, and amongst the usual crap I found a little box of Gingerbread Flavour Fudge

Brilliant bites with a sprinkle of seasonal spice 


It’s only a small box so not quite gift worthy, although it might make a decent smaller Secret Santa present.

You’re lucky you even got a photo of the fudge, after much difficulty opening the sealed plastic bag inside, I was met with the most mouthwatering buttery gingerbread scent and things only got better.

It’s a very soft fudge, ever so slightly gritty but with a mainly smooth bite that doesn’t really chew but more melts in your mouth. To begin with it has the familiar buttery fudge flavour but a strong quite fiery gingerbread builds and it has a delicious spiced and festive flavour.

My husband is lucky he ate his while I was faffing around with the camera or I would’ve eaten his too!

Rating: 8/10 


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