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Lidl Glazed Lebkuchen


I wanted to see how a German supermarket did Lebkuchen after trying Asda’s attempt. This was the perfect excuse to buy more so off to Lidl it was where I grabbed a big bag of Glazed Lebkuchen

Spiced German biscuits part coated in 20% dark chocolate.

Well I’m going to presume these ones aren’t actually sold in Germany as surely they wouldn’t name them “German Biscuits”? After all, a digestive biscuit is just a biscuit, not a British biscuit.. Right?

There are two different Lebkuchen, one with a white sugar glaze and one with a dark chocolate coating – the perfect pairing?


Not that you’d get two of these beasts in your mouth at once!

The bag strangely smelt of liquorice, I’ve hunted through the ingredients and there’s not a hint of anything which could explain it but even the empty wrapper really has that sweet anise smell.

The white lebkuchen have a soft chewy biscuit with a crisp hard shell. They’re sweet and slightly spiced and I could still taste that liquorice type flavour. They’re sweet but disgustingly moreish.

Especially when eaten in combination with the dark lebkuchen. The change in sugar for chocolate means they’re much softer and the contrast in textures is very nice. The chocolate used isn’t particularly dark tasting but it has a lovely creamy and rich flavour, it goes perfectly with the biscuit inside.

Both are delicious but the dark chocolate just pipped it for me!

Rating: Glazed Lebkuchen 7/10 Chocolate Lubkuchen 8/10


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