7/10 · Limited edition · Ready meal

M&S Turkey Feast Soup


As much as I’d like to, I can’t alternate between mince pies, chocolates, gingerbread and full Christmas dinners. I do have to squeeze some real meals in there too – something about nutrients and vitamins…  I think it’d be quite easy to eat all my meals based around festive food though, supermarkets and brands are creating Christmas themed everything, hence the M&S Turkey Feast Soup.

A delicious blend of British turkey, pork sage & onion stuffing, potatoes and parsnips


It looks like what I’d imagine a half blended Christmas dinner would, was packed full of chunks of veg, meat and stuffing and smelt a lot like parsnips and a strong sage and onion stuffing. So far so good.

The actual soup (the ‘watery’ part) tasted just like homemade turkey gravy. Veggies look away, this is probably thanks to the fact it’s made using a proper turkey stock, turkey bones are the second ingredient! Squeamishness aside, it was bloody delicious and that, to me, is exactly what Christmas tastes like!


There were lots of vegetables, they had a lovely fresh flavour but the texture was a bit mushy. The potatoes and parsnips kind of blurred together and any subtle flavour differences were covered by the actual soup and so I struggled to tell the difference.

At the opposite end of the scale were the large stuffing balls. There were loads of them and they had a wicked sage and onion stuffing flavour. We fight over the stuffing in my house but he doesn’t really like soup so he had a Heinz tomato, once he caught sight and smell of mine he was soon kicking himself! I wouldn’t have been disappointed with these actually dished up with my dinner, let alone in a soup!


Lastly the meat. The description will try to deceive you but your eyes and the ingredients will let you in on the truth. This isn’t a purely turkey soup, M&S have fallen fowl (haha, get it?) of using chicken as filler and so we have two different types of poultry in the soup.

It’s actually quite noticeable as the chicken seems to be a white breast meat whereas the turkey I had was darker and much more flavourful. Both were very enjoyable, especially with the soup/gravy and stuffing.

Rating: 7/10 The veg and potatoes could have been better but otherwise this was much more like a wetter stew than a soup. Tasted very much like a Christmas dinner, filling and 5% of the sales are donated to the charity Shelter too.


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