6/10 · Ice cream

Aldi Specially Selected Mince Pie Ice Cream


Earlier this week I reviewed the Aldi Specially Selected Gingerbread ice cream and preferred it to the same flavour from Sainsburys. Today I have Mince Pie and wondered if it’d be nicer than that Sainsburys flavour too.

Unlike the Sainsburys ice cream the Aldi doesn’t contain actual pastry instead substituting it for a biscuit.

Our luxurious mince pie flavour ice cream makes a deliciously festive treat. It is enriched with double cream and whole milk, swirled through with a rich brandy sauce, raisins, currants, mixed peel, pineapple and crumbled biscuit. A taste of Christmas! 


The ice cream was as soft and creamy as before, it has a lovely texture and I actually really enjoyed it. It certainly tastes a cut above ice cream that usually costs £1.99 a tub anyway!

The ice cream itself is cream flavoured, an obvious choice for mince pie but a bit plain especially coming after such a delicious gingerbread. Still it complimented the other ingredients well and is the perfect pairing for the deliciously creamy texture.


A lot of the real mince pies I’ve eaten recently (and God knows there have been a lot) have left me questioning whether they actually contain any alcohol at all but there’s no doubt here! There’s no avoiding the brandy sauce, it might not look a lot but it packs a punch with a lovely sweet but very obvious brandy flavour. I’m not a lover of brandy but I was a big fan of this sauce mixed in with the cream flavoured ice cream!

This flavour has a lot less other ingredients than either the other Aldi ice cream or the Sainsburys and what I did have, bar the odd raisin, was a lot smaller in size too.

The raisins are fine, perfectly soft and squidgy – I do wonder (but I don’t think I’d like to know) how they keep them in perfect condition. I bet if I froze raisins they’d be as sharp as glass!


The sweet tasting biscuit pieces are fine, crunchier than any pastry I’ve had with a mince pie but tasty nonetheless. I couldn’t help comparing them again to the pieces of actual pastry used in the Sainsburys Mince Pie ice cream and I have to say, I wish Aldi had gone with pastry!

The ‘mixed fruit conserve’ was kind of missing, I had the odd citrus peel here and there but not enough to grab my attention.

All said and done, I did like this flavour but not as a mince pie ice cream. This seems much more like a grown up boozy “Brandy & Cream” ice cream rather than reminding or tasting properly like mince pies. I’d eat it again for sure, but if I’m after mince pie ice cream I’ll stick with Sainsburys.

Rating: 6/10 


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